Wayne FordeA delegation of Guyanese from Guyanese Diaspora nonprofit organizations in Florida, New York, and Washington DC is scheduled to meet with Guyana’s Ambassador to the U.S.A, Ambassador Riyad Insanally, in Washington DC on August 30, 2018, to discuss greater engagement by the diaspora in building capacity in Guyana.

The delegation, led by Wayne Forde, President and Founder of United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp (UGDGN) based in Florida, is embarking on a new initiative of mutual participation by the Guyanese diaspora and the Government of Guyana to work collaboratively to create stronger bonds with the public and private sectors to promote social and economic development in Guyana.

The delegation is the first of its kind that brings together members of different Guyanese organizations to work towards one common goal and includes representatives Colin Moore Esq. (GAPF), Suresh Sugrim (Humanitarian Group Inc.), Claudia John (We Helping Other People Excel Inc.), Floyd Haynes (The Roraima Institute), and Wayne Forde, Dr. Terrence Blackman, Dr. Lear Matthews (UGDGN).

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss structuring a Diaspora Network to contribute more efficiently to nation-building, develop strategic consular networks globally to facilitate greater engagement, identify investment opportunities and ways to attract diaspora investors. Additionally, the delegation will discuss Diaspora Engagement Policy and Diaspora Engagement Strategy as drafted by the International Organization on Migration (IOM) in 2016. The delegation hopes to obtain a commitment from the Guyana Government to support the bold diaspora engagement initiative.

UGDGN is committed to promoting and encouraging active diaspora engagement for social and economic development in Guyana by utilizing the collective strengths and potential of a united Guyanese diaspora. We seek to foster transformational change, innovation, and create a prosperous and harmonious Guyana for all Guyanese through a united diaspora.

Endorsements- Prominent Guyanese have pledged support for UGDGN. “I fully endorse the initiative and look forward to being a member of the Advisory Board.” -Eric Phillips.”I am happy to support this initiative which could be an invaluable mechanism for leveraging the passion, capabilities, and assets in the Guyana diaspora-” Dr. Ivelaw Griffith, Vice-Chancellor, University of Guyana. Floyd Haynes of The Roraima Institute applauded the initiative of UGDGN to bring diaspora organizations together to work collaboratively to harness the human and financial capital of overseas Guyanese in the interest of Guyana. “I believe that this has the potential to leverage Guyanese talent in the Diaspora.”-Dr.Terrence Blackman. The Private Sector Commission in Georgetown also expressed optimism in working collaboratively with the diaspora.

Wayne Forde believes in the power of collaboration and affirms that a united Guyanese diaspora organization could achieve more working collectively than individually. “Like the potential financial wealth of gas and discovery in Guyana, so too awaits the human and financial capital of the diaspora that can be harnessed for the greater good,” Mr. Forde stated.

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