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Who is UGDGN Corp?

United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp (UGDGN) is a nonprofit organization established in the state of Florida for charitable purposes.

What do we do?

UGDGN brings Guyanese organizations and individuals together from around the world under one umbrella to work collaboratively in the best interest of fostering economic growth and development in Guyana. We provide a unique value by partnering with local and international organizations to bring benefits to the diaspora community.

Where is UGDGN located

UGDGN has its headquarters in Florida and its advisory board in several states and Guyana.

What is the purpose of the organization?

Because of the high migration of tertiary educated and skilled professionals from Guyana (brain- drain), there a deficiency in the labor force in many areas. UGDGN has the responsibility to be the premier global diaspora organization for all Guyanese diaspora associations, organizations and individuals to harness the full power and potential of Guyanese around the world to work collaboratively to re-circulate talent and expertise, transfer knowledge, invest, and contribute to propelling positive social change and economic development in Guyana.

What projects is UGDGN working on?

UGDGN’S Primary focus (2019) includes:

  • Back-To- School supplies for Primary School students in Guyana
  • Mapping-Skills Survey of Guyanese Diaspora in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
  • Developing a Skills-Gap Assessment (oil & gas) in Guyana with the IOM.
  • Diaspora Youth Engagement.

Our Network

Our network consists of more than 400 Hometown Associations, diaspora individuals, organizations, Consulates and Embassies, and social media groups.UGDGN network spans the U.S.A. , North America  and the Caribbean with a global outreach.

What is Diaspora?

A diaspora can be defined as a group of persons who have migrated and their descendants who maintain a connection with the homeland. The U.S State Department defines diasporas as migrant grounds that share the following feature: dispersion,whther voluntary or involuntary, across socio-cultural boundaries and at least; one political border; a collective memory and myth about the homeland; a commitment to keeping the homeland alive through symbolic and direction; the presence of the issue ofreturn;and a consciousness  and associated identity, expressed in diaspora community media, the creation of diaspora associations or organizations, and online participation.-Dilip Ratha and Sonia Plaza.

How do Guyanese diaspora contribute to the homeland?

Members of the Guyanese diaspora contribute by sending remittances (money trasfers), investments, tourism, philanthropy, knowledge transfer, human capital transfer,and trade.

How will UGDGN foster economic development?

UGDGN will harness the potential, expertise, skills and experience of the diaspora community and develop strategic partnerships with diaspora organizations, government, civil society and the Private Sector in Guyana to aid in nation-building.

How high are remittances annually?

Guyanese send in excess of US$400 million annually to Guyana (formal transfers) that accounts for 14-17 % of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

When did migration from Guyana start?

Although emigration from British Guiana began long before Independence in 1966, it was in the early 60’s when Guyanese started emigrating to the U.K. and North America in large numbers to avoid social and political uncertainities and find better opportunities and greener pastures.

What is brain drain ?

Economists refer to brain–drain is the migration of individuals from one country to another that creates a gap in human capital resources and morality-decay.

Our Leadership Team.

Wayne Forde, MPP, Doctor of Business Administration(DBA Candidate (2020).

Founder and President

Wayne Forde is the Founder and President of the United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp (UGDGN).Wayne has always played a role in community development and matters concerning Guyana. He was the founder of Four D’s International in New York and  was the President of the Guyanese Cultural Network of Tampa Bay. His professional background spans more than two decades in various capacities with AT&T, IBM and Qwest in New York and Florida. Wayne holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, a Master of Public Policy Degree, and is currently a Doctor of Business Administration candidate with a specialization in Energy Management at Walden University.

Dr.Terrence Blackman, Ph.D

Dr. Blackman is Dean of The School of Science, Health Technology at Medgar Evers College in the City University of New York. He is an Associate Professor of Mathematics and a former Chair of The Department of Mathematics at Medgar Evers College. He is a former Assistant Professor in The Department of Education Research Policy and Practice in the Morgridge College of Education at The University of Denver and a former Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). In his role as Dean of the School of Science, Health and Technology, Dr. Blackman has been a dynamic advocate for innovation in teaching, learning and research. He has committed the institution to developing a scientific culture that will successfully and sustainably recruit, retain, develop and graduate highly competent, motivated students who can advance knowledge in science, health, technology, and other areas of scholarship in a manner that will best serve our community, Central Brooklyn, our state, our nation and our world in the 21st century.

Dr. Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews, professor at State University of New York and former lecturer at the University of Guyana, is an Executive Board member of the Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators and Chair of the Advisory Board of the Caribbean American Social Workers Association.  He has written extensively on the adaptation of immigrants with a focus on the Caribbean Diaspora. His most recently published book is English-Speaking Caribbean Immigrants: Transnational Identities, which speaks authoritatively to the numerous issues arising from the transnational nature of the current migratory trajectory. A founding member of the New York Tutorial Support Group, Dr. Matthews has developed a ground breaking Database of non-profit organizations in the Caribbean Diaspora. His recently recorded DVD/CD seeks to sustain nostalgic oral traditions and history of Guyana.

Claudia Simon

Ms. Claudia Simon is a native of Guyana and an Expert in the field of Healthy Aging. Ms. Simon has a Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education from the University of Maryland, College Park, a master’s degree in Health Administration with a specialty in Gerontology from the University of Phoenix, and a Certificate on Aging from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Ms. Simon has over 20 years of work experience in Adult and Geriatric Health Services, Public Health Services, Program Development and Management, Grant Management, Case Management, and Budget Management and Formulation. Ms. Simon is the Founder and President of a non-profit organization called We Helping Other People Excel, Inc. (We HOPE, Inc.). Also, she is the Founder and President of New Beginnings Geriatric Consultant Services, LLC. Ms. Simon has written, received and administered grants totaling over $10 million dollars. Ms. Simon has appeared on several mass media channels to discuss Healthy Aging and Diaspora Engagement. Ms. Simon serves on the Board of Directors for The United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network (UGDGN) and The Roraima Institute (TRI). She is a member of the Gerontology and Human Development in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (AGHD-HBCU), Leadership Council on Aging (LCOA) Committee, American Society on Aging, Prince George’s County Medical Reserve Corps Volunteer and First Baptist Church of Glenarden. Ms. Simon is sought after for her excellent leadership skills and has received numerous awards.


Eric Phillips is currently a Special Advisor to Director of the State Assets Recovery Agency and a part time Lecturer at the University of Guyana. Eric has been the Managing Director of AT&T Africa & the Middle East, Vice President of AT&T Network Systems; the Managing Director for AT&T Central Europe (Ukraine) and the Deputy Director for AT&T Globalization in Belgium, Europe. Eric Phillips has a degree in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. He also has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing and International Business from New York University Stern School of Business.

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