The United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp (UGDGN) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to mobilize the Guyanese Diaspora for the development of Guyana.

The UGDGN Corp and IOM will act in close collaboration and hold consultations on all matters to jointly implement projects that are of common interest. 

The two organisations will cooperate in additional fields within their respective mandates subject to the availability of resources. The parties have agreed on mutual cooperation in areas that include Diaspora engagement activities such as the promotion of economic growth and support for human development. The partnership provides for consultation between the UGDGN and IOM on assistance plans to migrants where relevant. 

The agreement stipulates that whenever they consider it desirable, UGDGN and IOM may set up commissions, committees, or other technical advisory bodies on terms and conditions to be mutually agreed upon in each case to advise them on matters of common interest. Additionally, they may enter into supplementary arrangements for the purpose of cooperation and coordination as deemed desirable.

This historic partnership is the first of its kind between a Guyanese Diaspora organisation and IOM. Joint projects between the two organisations will map the skills of the Diaspora, identify goals and capacities, and harness the human and financial capital of the Diaspora community globally to foster nation-building in Guyana, and more particularly for the oil and gas sector. Teaming up with the IOM will assist UGDGN to achieve its primary goal of being the umbrella organisation for Guyanese Hometown Associations.

The United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp was founded by Mr. Wayne Forde in Tampa Florida in July 2018 to fulfill a lifelong passion to improve the quality of living and standard of life for Guyanese. The United Guyanese Diaspora Global Network Corp is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organisation established for charitable purposes committed to promoting and encouraging active Diaspora engagement for social and economic development in Guyana by utilising the collective strengths and potential of a united Guyanese Diaspora. “We seek to foster transformational change, innovation, and to create a prosperous and harmonious Guyana for all Guyanese,” Forde has noted.

This MOU signing comes on the heels of a firm commitment from Guyana’s Ambassador to the US, Riyad Insanally, to support the mission of UGDGN. Several other local and international organisations have since expressed an interest in partnering with UGDGN.